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Along with weapons helping you in PvM and PvP, there are a variety of hats that you can buy or get as a drop.

Whether you need a small boost of strength, agility or even jump height, there should be a hat available for any situation.

All hats and their stats and information are listed below.

You can sort by different columns by clicking the headings. Columns this table can sort by are: str, agi, vit, int, def and drop difficulty.
HatAliasesDropped bySTRAGIVITINTDEFDrop DifficultyExtra info
Blade Crownn/a70000Owned by (-.-)
Skull MaskSM, skullSkeleton20202+20 HP
Frog HatfrogCactus00001Adds +4 jump height
Froggy HatfroggyCactus00003Adds +3 jump height, +20 stam
Pirate HatpirateSand Fiend50000Costs 12000 in desert shop
Green BeretGBSand Golem, Deluxe Present40000+65 HP
Dragoon HelmDHDark Sage32205Adds +1 to jump height
Punkin HatPumpkin10102+9 HP
Jacko HatPumpkin10102+5 stam, +4 HP
Gravity Crownn/a00003-5 gravity, +10 HP, +3 jump height, +3 speed. Owned by Disasteroid
Gaia Crownn/a00007Owned by Specialboy
Bag Hatn/a00000Small speed bonus. Owned by GMs
Classic Crownn/a00003+80 HP, owned by Maple
Guardian Helmn/a21305+10 HP, Owned by foG
Deranged Bunny EarsDBEWhite Bunny, Black Bunny24002Slight speed bonus
Black Bunny EarsBBEBlack Bunny06000Slight speed bonus
Bunny EarsWBEWhite Bunny05000
Blue Bandanan/a00200Costs 800 gold in forest shop
Yellow Bandanan/a02000Costs 800 gold in forest shop
Fireman HatfiremanBlob10001Costs 200 gold in forest shop
Red Bandanan/a20000Costs 800 gold in forest shop
Jester HatjesterBlob01001+10 stam
Feather HatFH, featherBlob, Rock Demon00000Adds +3 jump height, Costs 300 gold in forest shop
Bandit MaskBMBandit, Bandit Assassin02000Adds speed bonus
Bandit CoverBCBandit Assassin06003Adds large speed bonus
Viking HelmvikingRock Demon, Rock Beast, Big Blue Blob30002
Ninja MaskninjaBandit, White Bunny, Black Bunny, Big Blue Blob03001
Knight HelmKHRock Demon, Rock Beast00203Costs 2800 gold in forest shop
Dark Knight HelmDKHRock Beast00407
Shady Hatn/a00011Costs 220 in forest and desert shops
Egg HatEaster Egg01114
Green Bandanan/a00020Costs 800 gold in forest shop
King Crownn/a22223Owned by Ludacris
Santa HatsantaPresents, Deluxe Present00020+5 HP
Ice Crownn/a31132Owned by St3k
Top HatSkeleton, Snowman11131+10 stam
FedorafedSand Golem, Deluxe Present20142
Wizard HatwizDark Sage00051+25 stam, Costs 9000 gold in desert shop
GM Helmn/a888815+5 speed, +5 jump. Owned by GMs
Princess Crownn/a888815+5 speed, +5 jump. Owned by Balee