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Weapons are essential within Stick Online for PvP and PvM.

Weapon drops are completely random. Although, some more common than others.

In addition, some monsters are harder to find, making some weapons tough to obtain.

A complete list of weapons and info about them is below.

You can sort by different columns by clicking the headings. Columns this table can sort by are: damage, stamina, cooldown and drop difficulty.
WeaponAliasesDropped byBase DamageStam UsageCooldown SpeedDrop DifficultyExtra info
Blood Swordn/aUnknownUnknownOwned by Venuse
Scotty's Axen/aUnknownUnknownOwned by Scotty
Meiun's Pistolsn/aUnknownUnknownOwned by Meiun
Emerald Swordn/aUnknownUnknownOwned by Chronoas
Bella's Wandn/aUnknownUnknownOwned by Balee
Edge Punishern/aUnknownUnknownOwned by Rayu
Hyperionn/aUnknownUnknownOwned by Seifer
Flame Gauntletn/a2716Owned by Ludacris (not actual icon, uses Dagger icon)
Lingus Gauntletn/a5035Owned by Lucifer
Hatchetn/a148Costs 400 gold in the forest shop
Dark Gauntletn/a1319Hits 3 targets, Owned by Lucifer
Candy CaneRCC, GCC, BCCRed, Green, and Blue Presents108Red: vit+1, Green: int+1, Blue: agi+1
Tree BranchTB, stickBlob137Costs 60 gold in the forest shop
DaggerBandit, Bandit Assassin, White Bunny, Black Bunny147Costs 1000 gold in the forest and desert shops
Short SwordSSBandit, Rock Demon209Costs 2000 gold in the forest shop
WhipCactus138Costs 2400 gold in the forest and desert shops
ScytheSkeleton, Dark Sage2513str+1
KatanakatSand Fiend159
Ghost LanternlanternGhost157int+2
Wooden HammerWHCactus, Big Blue Blob3112Has knockback
Great SwordGSSand Fiend, Snowman4029
Spire DaggerSD, spireBandit Assassin1917Very small speed bonus
Stone HammerSHRock Beast5037Has knockback
SlasherSand Golem, Deluxe Present3724agi+3
Inferno SwordISDark Sage4736Hits 3 targets
Legendary Sand BladeLSBSand Golem5540Hits 2 targets, has slight knockback